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Turkmenistan Office :

Navak Asia Kish Company has many transactions with Turkmenistan Oil Processing Complex such as purchasing LPG, Polypropylene, Gas Oil, Gasoline, Naphtha and other oil products.

In this regard, the main activities of our Trkmenistan Office are as follows :

  • Participating in Turkmenistan auction for purchasing different products.
  • Necessary coordination with the supplier for concluding the contracts and regular delivery of cargo.
  • Necessary coordination with transportation companies for having regular loading.
  • Necessary coordination with our contractors in loading port for affecting necessary payments and on-time loading of cargo.
  • Negotiation with supplier and our contractors in Turkmenistan for smoothing our activities.
  • Negotiation with different companies in order to market research and find new opportunities for business.

Dubai Office :

Our Dubai office is going to be as the main core of Navak Company and will have the most important role in our transactions in near future.

For the time being, the main activities of this office are as follows :

  • Arranging our financial activities.
  • Necessary coordination for transshipment of cargoes through U.A.E
  • Negotiation with different suppliers and transportation companies in GCC region.
  • Negotiation with different companies in order to market research and find new opportunities.

LABUAN Office :

legal and official affair are done in Labuan Free Zone.







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