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Scope of Activity :


Scope of Activity :

Navak Asia Kish was founded in 2000 to operate on international markets as a petrochemical trading company with full support of NPC's about 40 years of experience. The scope of its core business mainly covers the purchase and sale of chemicals and aromatics, oil products, polymers, LPG and fertilizers.

The company, incorporated in Jersey, Channel Islands in 2000, a registered share capital of £20,000,000, has offices in number of countries.

Navak's principal activities are focused on international trade in petrochemical products with specific emphasis on:

Purchase of feedstock requirements for NPC's petrochemical Projects/Complexes in Iran Supplying oil & petrochemical products required by the customers all around the world Purchase of oil & petrochemical products required by the Iranian market and private sectors, which cannot be supplied by NPC's domestic production Purchase and swap of oil & petrochemical products produced in the Central Asian countries Transit arrangements for petrochemical products from the central Asian countries through Iran Today, Navak is one of the largest importers of petrochemicals, chemicals and oil products in the Middle East and CIS countries, and also acts as a leading global trading company with efficient, trustworthy and reliable services.

Our business is built on first hand market knowledge and long term commitments to our suppliers and customers. Our international marketing services are supported by a highly qualified staff and a worldwide network of offices, agents and affiliated companies.

Based on the above, we maintain long-standing relationships with the world leading manufacturers. Therefore, whatever requirement of chemicals, petrochemicals and oil products a customer may have, Navak is positioned to meet them.





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